Rocktron patchmate vs voodoo lab gcx

Rocktron midi raider ive been an fcb user for a couple of years now, and thinking about upgrading to the gcp with a couple of mission expression. I have both rocktron midimate and patchmate units but i am having some problems to do what i would like so i thought of asking for help. Problem with ground control and rocktron patchmate voodoo lab. Apr 29, 2010 other noteable features include tubedriven spring reverb, a tubedriven effects loop and rear panel external switching jacks for use with a standard 14grounding type footswitch or a midicontrollable switcher, such as the rocktron patchmate or voodoo lab gcx ground control. The patchmate was discontinued a while ago, but rocktron has brought it back, and apparently made it better. Rocktron patchmate loop 8 floor switcher pedal gak. Rocktron patch mate loop 8 vs voodoo lab gcx effects and. Any alternatives to the gcx and gc pro that i should explore. The switcher features 8 true bypass effect switching that all ensure your signal only gets sent to the pedals that. Your gcx will phantom power both the ground control and ground link foot controllers using a standard 5pin midi cable. Mfc101 vs ground control pro fractal audio systems forum. Hi guys, i was looking for a voodoo lab gcx guitar audio switcher. Featuring eight true bypass audio loops, two fronttoback feedthroughs, and options for buffered or passive inputs, the voodoo lab gcx audio switcher is an elegant solution to any audio routing conundrum.

Like the title suggests im looking at pedal power supplies and want to get some feedback from the ug community. The patchmate loop 8 floor is easy to set up and program with real time user controls. Built with gold relays sealed in nitrogen and no active circuitry in the bypass loops, the. I prefer the rocktron patchmate 8 over the gcx personally. Pedal switcher px8 will simplify and organize your effects pedal life and improve your tone at the same time. Recall the first 8 user presets using the 8 onboard footswitches or access a total of 128 presets using external midi program changes. The attached pdf is a great comparison that explains everything. If you are happy with modulation effects coming before preamp distortion then itd be okay, but in my experience it usually doesnt sound best that way. Ive got a rocktron midi mate that i currently use as a foot controller, so im really interested in this unit because of the compatibility. Le pedalier midi rocktron all access et le gcx voodoo lab effet. Voodoo lab ground control pro vs rocktron all access gearslutz. Its amazingly convenient powering your gear from a single power supply like the voodoo lab. Im using a behringer fcb1010 as my foot controller.

Patchmate loop 8 its the return of the patchmatebut better rocktron fans hammered us for years to bring back the patchmate, which enjoyed a wellearned reputation as possibly the best device ever used to help control rigs and assorted gear. Rigtalk view topic voodoo lab pedal switcher vs rocktron. Voodoo lab will repair either your gcx or ground control or both free of charge. Buy voodoo lab gcx true bypass 8loop rackmount audio switcher. Otherunknown, smirnov whammy d2, midicontroller for the whammy iv v dt, view. Voodoo lab control switcher and pedal switcher make gcx. Voodoolab gcx guitar audio switcher, voodoolab commander, glab gsc4, free the tone arc3 black. Its amazingly convenient powering your gear from a single power supply like the voodoo lab pedal power ac. Voodoo labs gcp and gcx midi controller and guitar audio.

Then the jet citys fx send feeds the first loop input on a rocktron patchmate loop 8, the rm4 feeds the loop return, and the loop output feeds a. Use the voodoo lab 4pin din gcx cable with your voodoo lab pedal power ac to power your voodoo lab gcx audio switcher or your voodoo lab system mix plus. Rjm music technology raised the bar for audio loopers and function switchers when they released the rg16 back in 2007. Programmable loop switchers, function controllers archive.

Effects processors free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Voodoo lab gcx and rjm line mixer parallel stereo setu to do it with the gcx, i think you need to make a splitter cable or box that splits the signal four ways and feeds the inputs of loops 58. While it is true allaccess was preprogrammed to work with patchmate, you can easily use it with voodoo gcx all you have to do is buy a standard all pins connected 5pin midi cable and replace one of the connectors with a 7pin midi, while soldering the. Get the patchmate 8 and i think you may be surprised. You can use each of the eight loops for true bypass effect switching, ab switching to select amps and preamps, or to control any type of footswitch function such as amp channel switching. Voodoo lab gcx and rjm line mixer parallel stereo setup. I got the unit yesterday, and it seems the unit cannot change directly between preassigned loop configurations.

Jan 23, 2011 i have both a rocktron patchmate 8 and a gcx, controlled by an all access. Effect switching system, voodoolab control switcher, carl martin octaswitch mk3. Voodoo lab ground control pro gcx audio switcher the ground control system includes the cgx audio switcher, which is a rackmounted unit with 8 loops, and the ground control pro, a floor board which takes the place of a traditional pedalboard. I had a patchmate before and think that the gcx is much more transparent, although my patchmate may have been malfunctioning. Any thoughts on these similar products similar price gcx 5 year warranty rocktron cound not find. Use 8 true bypass loops for a whole host of activities and then. On the less expensive side you could get the voodoo labs gcx audio switcher, and then get the voodoo labs ground control foot switch to handle it all. I also got my patchmate for around 250 used from a friend i knew, and he also threw in a rocktron midixchange for free. Many people dont understand why allaccess is superior to gcp.

I need to control a bunch of pedals, stereo effects, midi pedals, amp channel switching for wd or stereo rig, etc. It includes four audio loops and four onoff switches. Voodoo lab ground control pro programmable midi foot controller switcher. Voodoo lab ground control pro vs rocktron all access. Solve rocktron prophesy problem solve device problem. Discussion in marshall amps started by hm forever, may 3. Program the unit from the top panel using the switches.

Built with the finest gold relays sealed in nitrogen, your tone will stay pure and dynamic no matter what kind, or how many effects, you use. Voodoo lab gcx and gcp setting up with a dual rectifier duration. Rocktron patchmate loop 8 manuals manuals and user guides for rocktron patchmate loop 8. Rocktron patchmate loop 8 user manual pdf download. I have a voodoo lab control switcher that i bought about a month ago when i thought my rig was going to. Voodoo lab has tackled both problems, for those who have rack systems or those who lay all their effects on the floor in front of them. A single unit can easily be placed on a rack shelf with pedals, mounted under most pedaltrain pedal boards, or two units can be combined into a single 19 rack space. We werent the only players enamored by it, and the device has since found its way into the guts of many professional guitar rigs thanks to a fantastic blend of pro features and simple operation. I read both manuals but i still cannot figure how to do this.

Voodoo lab ground control pro midi pedalboard, original. Program the unit from the front panel using the lighted buttons. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of rocktron effects at guitar center. All my stomp box pedals are connected to the patchmate loops. If you set the patchmate to respond to only control changes 8087 on midi channel 16 and set the ground control instant access buttons back to the default settings of gcx 1 loops, you will be able to control the patchmate with the ground control presets using the gcx 1 screen as well as have instant access to any six of the loops with the instant access buttons with the state of these instant.

If you have more than one gcx, connect the midi out of your first gcx to the pedal in of the second gcx. Eight loops can be configured for multiple purposes. The patchmate loop 8 floor provides 8 discrete loops all with true bypass, buffered and non buffered signal paths, 128 programmable presets with real time control using the 9 high quality metal foot switches. I just purchased a new rocktron patchmate loop 8 floor unit, so that i could switch between various pedal configurations with a single step with the pedals sitting in the 8 loops of the unit. Youd need something like the rg16 or voodoo labs gcx audio switcher. To setup your patchmate please follow these instructions. What i like most is the rather simple programming of the machine, it just allows me to control my overdrive and distortion pedals. Potrebuji pomoci midi ovladat nejake krabicky pred zesilovacem a nejake efekty ve smycce. Mesaboogie midi quad preamp with abacus midi footcontroller. This is high quality audio gear and versatile to your needs.

Additionally, using rocktron s smart controller technology, the patchmate loop 8 floor can also be used for momentary amplifier switching. Voodoo lab, gcx audio switcher, 8 channel rack mount pedal switcher bypass looper, view voodoo lab. Rocktron patchmate mentioned above is a similar tool. It allows your presets to also control pedal effects, select amp channels and many more. Voodoo lab px8 plus demo voodoo lab px8 plus programmable pedal switcher duration. I use the rocktron for my loops, and the gcx for the amp switching functions for the reasons youve described. A great system for controlling amp channels, a rack full of effects pedals, a midi controlled effects device or all three at once. Rocktronbradshaw switching system by rocktron and sort of by custom audio. Voodoo lab gcx audio switcher the voodoo lab gcx audio switcher is a high quality switcher that is designed to work with and improve the capabilities of your ground control foot controller. Voodoo lab gcx true bypass 8loop rackmount audio switcher. Channel switching, effects loops, guitar routing and more are provided in the patchmate loop 8. Voodoo labs gcp and gcx midi controller and guitar audio switcher. Rocktron patch mate loop 8 vs voodoo lab gcx sign in to follow this.

Mar 26, 20 rocktron patchmate loop floor 8 david ofaum. The sends of loops 58 go to the effect inputs and the effect outputs go to the line mixer inputs. If i got the mfc, would there be a better piece of gear out there for that. The rocktron voodu valve online tube guitar preamp is a marriage of a 24bit motorola dsp engine with rocktron s 12ax7 tube technology. Is the voodoolab gcx still a good choice for preamp switching. Used by marty friedman of megadeth, and eddie van halen. I have a voodoo lab control switcher that i bought about a month ago when i thought my rig was going to go in a different direction.

Find great deals on ebay for voodoo lab ground control pro and voodoo lab gcx. Alright, so my next question he uses the voodoo labs gcx to hook the amp channel changing to midi. Get some midi control over your analogue gear with the voodoo labs gcx audio switcher. Ive heard its basically an all access repackaged into a more affordable housing. A name and number gets a response or it looks like spam. Truetone 1 spot pro cs12 vs voodoo lab pedal power 4x4. Jul 20, 2010 the gcx doesnt need to be set up in the device menu as it is already covered in the expanders menu since the gcp communicates with the gcx and all other voodoo lab midi products via midi sysex corresponds to gcx 1 in the expanders menu of the gcp. This means you get the great sounds you have in your pedals and the control flexibility offered by a rack combined. Voodoo lab pedal switcher the simplest such offering is the pedal switcher. Also, since the ground controls power is now supplied by the gcx, you no longer need to use the power adapter which comes with the ground control. Personally, i prefer the rocktron patchmate loop 8, think of it as a gcx thats built better with better features and there is no price difference iirc kage re. The patchmate loop 8 is easy to set up and program with real time user controls. Unbeatable prices and next day delivery from the uks no1 instrument store.

Interview with bob bradshaw page 16 guitar shop spring 1994, which i have. I want to get a ground control pro to control my xpression. Buy voodoo labs gcx guitar audio switcher online from. I use a voodoo labs ground control pro and only thing i had to do was set the ground control to start at channel and it was ready to go. They will do this weather the item is under warranty or not. Voodoo lab, gcx audio switcher, 8 channel rack mount pedal switcher bypass. Have a look at voodoo labs ground control and gcx system. I have a deal on a rocktron patchmate the older version, not to be confused for the new model patchmate loop8. With the gcx, you can select pedal effects, signal processors, multiple amps or preamps, amp channels and more. The patchmate loop 8 provides 128 programmable presets.

For further expansion rocktron recommends combining the patchmate loop 8 floor with any rocktron midi controller, including the midi xchange, midi mate, all access and all access ltd. I purchased this unit with a voodoo lab ground control unit from thomann. The voodu valve guitar preamp delivers the warmth and. Anyone have any thoughts on the rocktron midi raider. Voodoo lab pedal switcher vs rocktron patchmate loop 8 floor bad experience w voodoo lab unit this week, big event, 5 nights, 1500 seats, last 2 nights sro. Rocktron patchmate 8 vs voodoo lab gcx discussion in gear. I know it is posible with a rocktron patchmate, g lab gsc or similar if you have an amp with common footswitch, but the switching in the jvm is seems to bo more complicated than a single spdt. In terms of not having loops, itd be possible to run one without but, it depends how you want everything. I think the voodoo stuff is the least expensive of all the options ive seen. Voodoo lab 4pin din gcx cable 18 gcx power sweetwater. Very clean, in excellent condition, with the original power supply and box.

Rocktron patchmate, for amp switching, controlling pedals. View online or download rocktron patchmate loop 8 user manual. Voodoo labs hex is a truebypass audio switcher in a new compact format. Rocktron patchmate loop 8 rack mount its the return of the patchmate, but better. The gcx has eight audio loops, each with separate in, out, send and return jacks. Rigtalk view topic voodoo lab gcx guitar audio switcher. Does not hold a candle to the patch mate but for its compactness its great. Rocktron might have the same option, but it may likely require the use of their. I use it for less than a month using the time of writing. Ale uvazuje o nejakem mensim midi kontroleru, kvuli mistu v. Digital music corp ground control musical instruments. We have 1 rocktron patchmate loop 8 manual available for free pdf download. Its a switching looping system that if you put your pedals on a rack shelf can be switched in and out of the signal path.

Unlike the voodoo lab hex which has 6 button for 6 effects it only has 2. The quad is in absolutely stunning condition for its age. Feb 14, 2012 anyone have any thoughts on the rocktron midi raider. The rack gizmo is an evolutionary upgrade to the rg16 that takes a great. I ended up getting a rocktron patchmate since i needed 3 for momentary on off, 2 for a isolated loop, etc.

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